Becoming Divalicious & Turning Oily

This is Part Two of my story about how I am birth control free and why I am never looking back. (Part One can be read here.)

In January of 2016, I had my first ever period that did not require any medication, not even over the counter meds!!! So how can a girl like me who went from having heavy, painful periods from hell, go from that to where I am now?

As I said earlier, in August 2015 I had my IUD removed. I had made a promise that I was not going to get back on any birth control. No matter what my body did, I was going to tough it out and see how my body would behave without any artificial hormones. I had been on some form of birth control consistently since I was 16. I also decided after lots of research to throw out my tampons and give the Diva Cup a try. I have friends who use Diva Cups, but I wasn’t sold on the idea. I wasn’t even accustomed to having a period, changing tampons freaked me out enough, I couldn’t imagine pouring blood into the toilet and washing out a cup with soap and water. It sounded gross—too much hands on contact with something I didn’t want to have contact with. But I decided to try something outside my comfort zone, and I am so happy that I made that decision.

If you haven’t heard of a Diva Cup, it is certainly something worth reading up on. Essentially, it is a flexible, medical grade silicone, reusable cup that you can use in lieu of tampons or pads. They come in two sizes, depending on whether you have given birth or not. They are completely chemical free, ecofriendly, and carry no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. There are numerous benefits including: you can wear it for 12 hours, it holds a lot more fluid, it saves you a buttload of money, you don’t have to worry about that germy tampon string, and not putting any chemicals or perfumed products up there is going to make for a happier, healthier vagina. There are thousands of testimonies online from people who have less cramps, fewer feminine infections, and lighter periods after switching to a mensural cup. Become divalicious and buy a Diva Cup here.

So what happened? Well I am one of those women with a testimony to share! Each month my period got lighter and shorter. I kept taking my prescription Naproxen and extra strength Tylenol. Then one day I didn’t need the Naproxen any more. And soon, what do you know, just five months later I was having a 28-day cycle (regular to the exact day), a period that lasted 3 days, and cramps that never got bad enough that I even needed to take OTC’s for. All I required was a bit of peppermint oil on my abdomen as a muscle relaxer. I couldn’t believe it. I called my mom, “I was able to do something today that I can say I have never done since I was 12 years old—do you know what it is?” She knew immediately.

I was fascinated by how my body responded to two basic things. All I did was stop putting a chemical product up my hooha. And dab on an essential oil. (I also really like using Panaway.) Something else that happened is that I became super in tune with my body. I can even feel when I’m ovulating, and I’m not sure exactly how to describe this, but I feel extremely satisfied, even elated, knowing that my body is functioning the way it should be, and that it is doing so naturally.

In January, I became an absolute believer in what I knew I needed to do for the rest of my body. If I eliminated the toxins and chemicals I was putting in my body by choosing natural products and organic foods, and cleared out my medicine cabinet to make room for essential oils, I had confidence that I could become a brand new person. A healthy and happy divalicious, oily queen!

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