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In the summer of 2015, a few months after my gallbladder removal, I decided to travel 2 hours to Hestand, Ky to visit “The Amish Doctor”. There in an Amish community I would find Dr. Rueben Schwartz and his apprentice Jake, trained in the medical field of Iridology.

A year or so ago, I wouldn’t have messed with traveling 2 hours of back roads, just to visit an Amish man who would look into my eyes to diagnose me with ailments. But things had changed. My recent experiences had caused me to lose most of my faith in Western medicine. I was ready to try something else. Anything else. (Read about what was going on with me here.)

I arrived, drove down a long gravel lane. I passed a horse and buggy driven by two boys and two girls, all under 10 years old. I waved. I came up to a small building with chairs all around the front porch. It was seven in the morning, a small chill still in the air. I opened the screen door. The inside was a bit stuffy. There was no electricity, and the bathroom was in a separate building. I signed in and sat down next to a wall of Iridology posters. I examined the posters, looking at how many parts the iris was broken into and which part of the body it corresponded with. I watched the Amish woman in the back stock the shelves and label bottles of their homemade liquid herbs.


When it was my turn, I walked into the back room to see the doctor. He was exactly as you would have pictured an old Amish man. I felt completely at ease. He asked my name and wrote it down on an index card in beautiful, cursive handwriting. He didn’t ask what was wrong or what symptoms I was experiencing. The doctor grabbed a little magnifying gadget and a flashlight and looked into one of my eyes. Within 5 seconds he put the gadget and light down.

“It looks like you have severe endometriosis.”

He raised his instruments back up for a second look. And back down again.

“It is severe. I’m not sure you will be able to have children. But of course that is in God’s hands.”

When he said this, I knew he was seeing the Adnenomyosis. I knew then that there was something legitimate to this form of medical practice. How else would someone with no idea who I am or what is wrong with me, be able to know this? (Read about my Adenomyosis diagnosis here.)

He went on to point out something really wrong going on with my digestive system. And that my hormones, thyroid, and adrenals were all out of whack. He wanted to focus on the issues with my hormones and thyroid. Perhaps if we could get those straightened out, the rest would fall into place. He could see that I had anxiety and stressed a lot, but he was confident that we could straighten it all out.


I took the index card full of information to the woman at the front desk. She totaled everything up, and a month’s supply of everything was much more than I could afford. The herbs were pure and relatively inexpensive. An average bottle was probably $10 for a 2-3 week supply. Very affordable in comparison to high quality products sold through large companies, but there were so many different herbs that I was in need of that I had to narrow the list down. I bought a month supply for a few different herbs. Something for my digestion, something for my thyroid, something for my reproductive organs, something for my low blood pressure, and something for my adrenals.
FullSizeRenderOn my drive back home I thought a lot about the Amish community I had just visited. Their way of life really resonated with me. Of course the way they were living was hard and it made me grateful for all of the things I had and took for granted. But at the same time, I envied the peacefulness and simplicity of their lifestyle. They grew and ate their own organic foods. They had their own natural medicines. The people seemed so healthy and happy and laid back. Something I’m not used to seeing when going out into the general public. Here was an entire community living without modern amenities. They just ate healthy and used natural remedies, and there was something to be said about it.


21 thoughts on “The Amish Doctor

  1. I would like to ask what happened to you since. I went to the same Amish man and was told the same thing. Thank you


    1. I am a lot better, though I sought out various alternative medicine approaches a long the way. I went to TN and met with Dr. Riesman several times and have taken various herbs from him as well. And have studied essential oils throughly and treat myself with those as well. Which of course you can read about all of this in my other blog posts. My digestive health is drastically better. I guess as far as whether I’ll be able to have children, time will tell. Best of luck!


  2. How did you make an appointment with him?


    1. Vernon Community, 1205 Radure Rd., Hestand, KY 42151
      Open MTF 7:30-3 and Sat 7:30-11:30

      Since you cannot contact them via phone you can write and request an appointment. In my experience I’ve heard back promptly. You can also just show up and wait, but there is no guarantee you will get on if there is a large crowd or you may end up waiting several hours. But I would also say from experience, showing up first thing in the morning there will less likely be as many people waiting. Also make sure to note the time zone they are in when making an appointment. Where would you be traveling from?


      1. Thank you so much. I will be traveling from Bowling Green ky area. It’s around 2 hours away.


    2. Does anyone know the hours for his office being open?


      1. Michelle, look at the previous comments, I posted the address, hours, and how to schedule an appointment. It’s been a few years since I have been there, but I assume it’s the same hours, but you could ask when you write. 🙂 Wishing you luck!


  3. I want to know did you get pregnant? It’s been 4 months since I went to the Amish dr and I don’t know if I should go back as he told me to if I don’t get pregnant.


    1. I started living naturally and making multiple changes several months after this visit. I changed the types of foods I ate, tossed the chemicals and toxins in my house and in my diet, dedicated a lot of time to learning about essential oils, and also visited an alternative medicine doctor in TN the following summer after visiting the Amish doctor. I was married this past September, and happy to announce that I am now 15 weeks pregnant with my first. 🙂 Anything is possible. I had multiple doctors, both alternative and traditional western tell me that it would difficult to become pregnant, but things can change if you take care of yourself. Get lots of opinions, do lots of research, and try lots of options. My blog is full of all of the things I have adopted into my lifestyle in the past couple of years. I wish you luck!


      1. Wow that’s great. Congratulations.


  4. Who is the alternative doctor in TN that you saw? Thank you.


  5. I too see Dr. Rueben and Dr. Jake! I thank the Lord every day for them!

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  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I was just wondering if the herbs that Dr. Reuben recommended helped reduce or hopefully get rid of the endometriosis?

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    1. Hi Ruth! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I believe that he along with another alternative doctor helped tremendously. I write in another blog post about my gallbladder and uterus where I am diagnosed with adenomyosis during that surgery. I was also told then that I would have a hard time getting pregnant and also not miscarrying. Last feb, I had the surprise of a lifetime and found out I was pregnant! I had a very hard pregnancy but my son is now 6 months old! You can read about everything (I like to write and document everything ha!) by clicking the “blog” tab on the header of my website! I write about my entire health journey from top to bottom and continue to post new entries.


    2. I also run a Facebook page for the southern well nut if you are in social media. I have a small following, but love interacting with my readers and followers ♥️


  7. have you heard anything about the “Amish blood pressure remedy” that is on several internet sites? please let me know as I have some questions


    1. I don’t have any personal experience with it, but I find most natural remedies very promising!


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