Healing Within: A Journey Towards Enlightenment

Earlier this month I was invited to my friend Angela’s new store, Holistic Health Haven, in Springfield, Kentucky, for a chakra clearing. My knowledge of chakras, or energy work in general was limited, but I had been wanting to learn more about it. I had immersed myself in all types of health and wellness practices for the past year, but this was an entirely new realm of health and wellness that I had not explored. I was ready to start experiencing and learn firsthand.

The word chakra is used to describe each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body. You usually hear of there being seven chakras.

1st Root: survival, grounding, sexuality, material world concerns

2nd Navel: sensuality, life / death, emotional body, inner child, creativity

3rd Solar Plexus: power, strength, open to change & growth, right desire, manifesting

4th Heart: forgiveness, generosity, self-love, unconditional love, compassion

5th Throat: communication, will

6th Third Eye: truth, vision, clarity, clear seeing

7th Crown: wisdom, cosmic consciousness, self-knowledge, connection to the divine

Below is a graphic showing the seven chakras and what they relate to.

chakras5.jpgThe purpose of a chakra clearing is to balance the chakras, therefore balancing the mind, body, and soul. You will release certain thoughts, feelings, emotions, or memories that are making your chakras cloudy or disrupting the healthy flow of energy in your body. Clearing the chakras that have become blocked from negative energies can heal problems and bring you back to harmony. Once cleared, this effect is not permanent. To maintain balanced chakras, you need to learn your own spiritual techniques to practice. Affirmations can be quite helpful. And certain crystals and stones can be used to promote healing and manifest health and happiness.

16508140_579124905618540_20047281601121146_nIf you are looking to bring more spirituality or positive energy into your life, consider
crystals or stones. Crystals and stones can heal  because of a certain scientific term you may have heard of—the piezoelectric effect.  If you’ve seen a quartz watch, this is how the watch keeps regular time. We can make electricity pass through certain crystals and gemstones
and the reverse is also true—they can send energy through us when held. So if our energy is sluggish, the constant electrical vibrations of the stones will help to harmonize, balance, and stimulate energies within.

I had no idea what a chakra clearing entailed. I had never been to any type of energy worker. But I went with an open mind and an eagerness to experience.

I felt a connection with the energy worker at once. She was just someone who you couldn’t help but like, and she radiated positivity. The session started with me lying down on a massage table and getting comfortable. The lights were dimmed and relaxing music played. The energy worker stood over top of me, and starting with my bottom chakra and slowly working her way up to my top chakra, she took a couple of minutes just to read my chakras. I learned that my throat chakra (communication and will) was in perfect shape and ideal. The energy worker said, “I can tell you are a great communicator and great at expressing yourself”. My solar plexus chakra was going wild and needed to be tamed down a bit. Not a surprise as I was doing a lot of manifesting. Trying to manifest a business, trying to manifest a documentary, trying to manifest property to live on, trying to manifest a house to build, trying to manifest a family. And my heart chakra, was the one seeming to be the most out of balance. It was blocked and cloudy. I was surprised when the energy worker pegged down two specific memories from my past in regards to why my heart chakra needed balancing. That is when I was sure that there was something to chakra readings and clearings. They weren’t general things one could have said that would have applied to everyone, but very specific to me and real memories that I had experienced in my past. After reading each of my chakras, the energy worker started at my bottom chakra and worked her way upwards again, this time clearing and balancing what needed it. She would ask permission to destroy and recreate memories and energies or for me to let go and replace them. I would speak out loud, and at some points I was asked to concentrate on positive memories to replace the negative ones with. While working to clear my heart chakra, I opened my eyes at one point because I felt a pressure or weight on my chest and thought the energy worker was touching me. But she wasn’t. After the session ended, I was left in the room to relax and take in the experience for a few minutes. I was also surprised to feel an electric flow steaming though me, especially in my upper body and arms. A similar sensation to the electric feeling I have had during massages with certain massage techniques. But here, no one was touching me or had touched me at all for that matter.

When she came back into the room to end the session, we talked about a few affirmations and visualizations I could practice on my own. During the session, I had also learned that I had an 8th chakra forming/ opening. Before this point, I wasn’t even aware that there were more than 7 chakras! Turns out there are several more chakras, they just have to be activated. The 8th chakra is the “doorway between your physical earth body and your higher self that expands beyond anything that is physical. Opening your 8th chakra will connect you with your higher self and help you shed karmic residue—the energy that has built up on your soul after lifetimes of the same patterns and is waiting to be cleared. With karmic residue, without reaching your higher self, you keep reincarnating. With the opening of the 8th chakra you will begin experiencing unconditional compassion, learn your soul’s purpose, and reveal your spiritual gifts.
So where do I stand after my chakra clearing session? I am very excited to continue various energy work, and to continue to learn and experience more. Next on my plate of experiences is reiki—a healing technique where a therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. I was also recommended rose quartz to keep my heart chakra balanced. This stone is for every type of love—self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional. And I was recommended lapis for my third eye and connections to the spiritual world. Lapis is a powerful stone for spiritual growth and spiritual health. I purchased both of these stones in jewelry form for the ease of everyday wear, and after cleansing the energies of the stones from any hands that had handled them, began wearing them immediately. I feel a sense of calm since the clearing. I am not so restless and anxious. The future looks beautiful.

Below is a list of services provided by Holistic Health Haven in our neighboring city of Springfield:


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