The Southern Well Nut Is Back & SHAKING Things Up!

I guess you can say I’ve been on a pregnancy hiatus…

Those of you who follow my blog or know me personally know what a whirlwind the past year has been for me. Last September I got married, left my stable job, and went out on a limb to expand my Southern Well Nut business and opened a storefront. Several months later I was in the midst of moving the storefront to a different location when I out of nowhere became debilitatingly sick (read about that here), and lo and behold–it was because I was SURPRISE, PREGNANT! I spent the next several months too sick to leave my house (hyperemesis gravidarum), so the storefront relocation was put on a sort of “derailment”, and with a baby on the way, Kyle and I weren’t as carefree or quite as willing to risk financial uncertainty that a start up business entails like we were when starting the venture. So the derailment became just that–an open-ended– not sure what will happen down the line–but right now there are no immediate plans to reopen–sort of thing.

It has been a bit bittersweet. Obviously, I’m definitely more happy about being able to have a child (that I thought I would never have due to medical purposes) than I am upset about having to derail my business dream. And the excitement of being an expectant mom has definitely been the underlying factor that has kept my spirits afloat during the past several months, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have days where I am sad because I feel like I didn’t get to finish something I started. So that is why I am putting on some rose colored glasses. If helping others though health & wellness is something that makes me happy, and is something that remains part of my essence, then I just need to pull a backup plan out of my butt! Friends, I am still ALL ABOUT HEALTH & WELLNESS and remain active– blogging and posting on TSWN’s Facebook page and Instagram. I don’t have a storefront any longer, so I may have to figure out different ways to reach people, but I do believe that I can still reach people through various social media outlets, so that is what I will continue to do!

So how do I offer products and services that a storefront provides to the community out of my home instead?

I make homemade retail items like deodorant, soaps, and special made products that I can make custom for people’s needs (skincare or hair treatments, burn cream, poison ivy relief products, etc, are examples of some of the custom items I can make). In the past I have posted exercise and meal “inspirations”, meaning I share some of my favorite exercises and the meals that I’m eating, but they have been meant as just a general guideline to give ideas for people to do at home. I’m going to step this up a notch and start providing actual workout programs and meal plans and nutrient dense meal replacement shakes. Everything that my storefront could offer, available to the community, through my in-home business!

So just to recap, The Southern Well Nut can offer you:

  • And of course I will continue to blog and post about any “must have items“, organic eating & superfoods, chemical free living, and natural remedies, so that we can all start living healthier whether that means losing weight, sleeping better, having more energy, reversing a disease, or reducing stress!

I am excited to start offering more products and services to the public. This expansion of TSWN  is a bit of a silver lining in the events of the past several months (closing my storefront + a ROUGH pregnancy). I’m also excited to continue my health and wellness journey after being on a bit of a sabbatical since becoming pregnant. I am a living testament of anything I ever post about or promote. So although I feel like I’m a bit of an essential oil guru at this point, I am rookie to workout routines and meal replacement shakes. But with a 50+ pound pregnancy weight gain so far, months of inactivity due to pelvic girdle pain, and not so clean eating due to my severe nausea and food aversions, I will be pulling out the big guns and buckling down as soon as the little guy arrives, AND I will be personally doing the new meal plans, programs, and shakes that I will be offering others. I’m hoping to get hubby on board too because we have both suffered the consequences of this pregnancy if you know what I mean 😉 I hope some of you guys and gals will join me! Health and weight loss journeys can be more fun and successful when you have others joining you on the journey! Stay tuned!

The Southern Well Nut

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