Keeping Your Toddler Healthy

We have been SO fortunate that in his (so far) almost 2.5 years of life, Sawyer has only been sick ONCE, with what I would consider a legitimate cold. It occurred around his 2nd birthday. He had shown cold symptoms on a few other occasions previously, but the symptoms had always disappeared completely within 24 hours. A few months ago he had his first legit cold, with mild symptoms slowly lingering for a week. I have worked hard since he was born to build his immune system. I believe breastfeeding plays a huge role in creating a strong foundation for a child’s immune system for life. If it hadn’t been for my surgery, which meant I had to wean him when he was 18 months old, my plan was actually to breastfeed until he was 3. I was able to pump several bags to store in the freezer as I was weaning him, so he’s had about 6oz of breast milk per month since he stopped breastfeeding. But we are down to the last 2 or 3 storage bags now. I feel very blessed to have been able to breastfeed him because we faced various challenges those first several months. At the end of the day, even though our journey ended before I would have liked, I am very thankful for the 18 months we had and don’t take it for granted.

Other than being breastfed, I believe a healthy diet plays a big role in his immune system too. Now his diet, along with his parents’, is FAR from perfect! But we make a conscious effort to choose better food alternatives most of the time. We try to buy organic food options when we can, and limit processed foods and sugar. Sawyer is picky, but I really do feel that he does pretty well for a two year old. He will eat a few fruits raw, and will eat several veggies cooked, but he loves smoothies, and I can hide pretty much anything that he has texture issues with in those. And in a similar fashion, I’ve always HAD TO share my 310 or Shakeology shakes with him. I think he likes any kind of meat he’s ever been served. And he loves bread foods–if he had his way, that’s probably all he would eat, so we offer carbs last to him. We don’t give him cow’s milk, but he gets cheese snacks occasionally, and eats organic yogurt just about every day. He mainly drinks unsweetened almond milk. So he does pretty good for a 2 year old, but because kids aren’t the best eaters, I’m a big fan of vitamins and supplements. We started him on supplements as an infant, so he voluntarily takes all his vitamins with out any issue. In fact, he often gets them out, and brings them to me before I get the chance to administer them to him myself ha!.

I’ve shared a similar list of what supplements Sawyer was taking as an infant on my blog a couple of years ago (Baby Health & Wellness: Detoxing After Vaccinations, Winter Immune Health & More!) But, I try new products and brands all the time to see what I like best, and now that he is a toddler, that has meant some changes as well. So here is an updated list of supplements that our toddler currently takes. Please note, some of these he takes all year long, some only during Fall/ Winter months for an extra immune system boost, and others only surrounding vaccines (FYI he is also on a delayed schedule). If you were to implement these products into your toddler’s wellness routine, you would need to budget about $25 a month for high quality supplements.



1 serving, daily, all-year long. This comes in powder form, and we most often mix it into Sawyer’s organic yogurt or applesauce that he eats in the morning. A container will last 2 months and is $22. You can buy this probiotic here.

You have heard of the importance of gut health! This WHOLE FOOD PROBIOTIC contains 23 raw and organic fruits and vegetables blended and formulated specifically to support healthy digestive bacterial growth. It is sugar free, gluten free, certified organic, vegetarian and contains no soy allergens, no binders, no filers, and no carriers.


41ALWbseclL1/4 tsp. daily, all-year long. Sawyer takes this straight from a syringe, but it could be mixed into food. In addition to taking this orally, we apply it to his stomach topically a few times before and after receiving a vaccine.

The immune system cannot function without Vitamin A.  It protects against colds and flu, and in the case of measles, will protect against the side effects. This is a natural source of Omega 3, Vitamin A and D, and unlike other brands, the entire extraction process is natural, so no nutrients are taken out or artificially added. No fermentation, chemicals or heating is used to produce this pure virgin cod liver oil. It is processed within 24 hours of catch so you can be sure you’re getting the freshest cod liver oil out there.

It is one of  his pricier supplements ($40), but a bottle will last him over 6 months. If you can’t afford to give your child this daily, I would at least suggest to administer it surrounding vaccine time. Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin C protect against adverse reactions. You can buy it here.



1 swipe, daily, during Winter. This winter we have all swiped Revive’s Immunity Boost 10mL Roll-On on the bottoms of our feet before bed each night. You can buy it here.

It is a blend of Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils and Fractionated Coconut Oil in an easy to use roller bottle. It is affordable at $12, and will last the entire winter with just a small amount used daily. Tip- if someone falls ill, swipe this roller down their spine.


Elderberry_Apple_Shots_single_with_flip_top_cap_lo_res_grande_378e1005-a3c0-4def-89f9-ce4c7758665e_1024x10241/4 tsp. daily, during Fall/ Winter. Sawyer takes this during the “sick” season, along with both of us.

The past couple of years I have spent a small fortune on organic elderberry syrups and gummies. When I came across this company, I realized I could have more than enough elderberry for all three of us all winter for just $40 (for a 2-pack). We each take 1/4 of a teaspoon daily, which is an astonishing 660mg of elderberry in just that tiny amount–Compared to the 50 mg of elderberry the gummies we used in previous years delivered! At the serving we take, one bottle will last 216 servings or roughly 2.5 months if all 3 of us take it every day. This is our maintenance dose during the winter, but if you fall ill it is safe to take up to a tablespoon, multiple times a day.

Guaranteed to have more minimally-processed elderberry than any elderberry syrup on the market. 8,000 mg pressed elderberries per tablespoon! One year shelf life. In small batches they press certified organic elderberries (never dried) and combine them with the apple cider syrup they also make .  Two celebrated ingredients, no preservatives, 100% non-GMO, one year shelf life and available with Certified Organic apples. I buy it here.


01 packet daily, surrounding illness or vaccine period. Sawyer begs for these Vitamin C packets! They are close to $1 each, so we don’t use them daily. Instead we have them on hand to take if anyone feels like they are coming down with anything. I give Sawyer 1 packet a day for 3 days before he receives a vaccine. The day he gets his shot I give him 1 packet right before, and then I continue with 1 packet a day for 2 days following his vaccine.

Your body can only absorb as much oral Vitamin C, and that’s why so much of the vitamin content from pills, powders, and even foods is passed as waste. Liposomal Vitamin C is not broken down in the digestive track and passes straight into your cellular walls, allowing you to absorb large doses, and without gastric distress. I think it is the next best thing next to IV vitamin C. According to a 2019 study, white blood cells absorbed 50% more Vitamin C from Liposomal Vitamin C supplement than a Vitamin C powder. I buy this Liposomal Vitamin C here. It it is Sugar, Gluten and Soy Free, Non GMO, and Vegan.


416T8mTK5BL1 serving, daily, surrounding vaccination period. Sawyer takes this for a period of 10 days (5 days before, the day of, and 4 days after) during vaccine time. It comes as a powder and we put one scoop into his yogurt or applesauce. A container easily lasts a year.

This is a nutritional support blend for infants and kids during vaccination that was created by a naturopathic doctor and mother. It’s a blend of vitamins, minerals, infant-friendly probiotics and an amino acid. It is is gluten and dairy free. You can buy Vaccishield here


Silica Water for Aluminum Detoxification. Once a year we all drink high silica content water daily for 3 months, including Sawyer. You can buy Fiji water, or a much cheaper alternative is to buy silica drops and add just a few drops a day to your water. Silica is great for metal detox, especially aluminum. Research shows aluminum amounts in the brains of those with autism and Alzheimer’s to be 50-70% less when they drink water with high silica content.

Foot Detoxes. This is the same solution used for my “armpit detox”. The primary ingredient is Bentonite Clay (buy here), and I apply it on vaccine site immediately following the shot, and I apply it to the bottoms of the feet when we get home. Applying to his feet can get messy, so what I do after applying it is put a small amount of plastic wrap on his feet and then put his socks on to hold it in place. Make sure to let the clay dry (use a hair dryer to expedite) and leave the clay for at least 20 minutes, then rinse off.

Detox Baths made with my special mix of epsom salt, Himalayan salt, baking soda, bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, and essential oils. These are great to do periodically throughout the year, or during times of illness or following vaccinations.

Lastly, we are a chemical free home. This means the cleaning products we use, laundry items, soaps, shampoos, etc are all non-toxic. We don’t burn candles, use perfumes, air fresheners, etc unless they are natural and non-toxic. So Sawyer’s chemical exposure load is lessened, and immune system stronger because it isn’t overburdened with having to detox from additional toxins. We also turn our WiFi off at night, and don’t have a microwave in our kitchen (which makes using one to cook less tempting). He also periodically visits the chiropractor for adjustments and muscle testing to check for any nutrient/ mineral deficiencies, infections, etc. There’s many little things that we do to create an atmosphere of health, and I think that statement is key. You may not be able to attribute one single product or even lifestyle habit to better health and wellness. But as they add up, so do the positive health consequences.

Eating an organic smoothie pop

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