Products For Sale

Deodorant $8 each! Works better than any clinical strength deodorant I’ve ever used! Ask about adding an Armpit Detox (3 servings) on for an additional $5.


Dry Shampoo $5 for 3oz./ $8 for 5oz. The best dry shampoo ever! Available in light or dark shades and in jar or sprinkle containers.


Immunity Rollers $17 for Xtra Strength/ $10 for Half Strength. Blend of 10 immune boosting essential oils. Roll on bottoms of feet before bed for preventative care and down spine if you are sick.


Detox Bath Mix $4.50 / $6 (10oz. / 16oz., 3-5 baths / 4-8 baths)
Add half a cup to your bath water for a relaxing or detoxifying bath
Stress Away


Deluxe Detox Bath Mix $6 / $9 (10oz. / 16oz., 3-5 baths / 4-8 baths)
Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Diatomaceous Earth & Bentonite Clay

Luxury Soaps $5/ 2 for $5
Organic goats milk soap with shea butter, oatmeal, and EO’s
Available in original, activated charcoal, and turmeric.


Sugar Scrub $12
The best sugar scrub you have ever used! This will last you months and leave your face exfoliated, soft and smooth. Smells so good you will want to eat it!


Lash & Brow Magic $8
Get thicker brows or longer, thicker lashes, naturally


Massage Oil Candles $6 each
Lavender & Grapefruit
Light a candle while taking a relaxing bath and when you get out, blow out the candle, and pour the candle onto your skin for a moisturizer like no other.

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